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Enjoy a moment of calm during your shower routine with these beautiful essential oil infused shower steamers with 10 different scents available including;


REFRESH is a cool menthol infused burst of peppermint and tea tree

SLEEP is a calming lavender and chamomile blend to promote rest

BREATHE deep with clearing menthol, rosemary and eucalyptus

CHILL cool and refreshing menthol and spearmint

ME TIME for a guilt free me time shower with a mojito inspired scent

FOCUS with zesty sweet lemongrass

DREAM floral, sweet and warm frangipani, ylang ylang and clary sage

EMBRACE fruity and earthy mandarin and clove bud

REST is a grounding warm blend to wind down to in a peaceful shower

RELAX is the ultimate floral shower experience


What makes these gorgeous relaxing shower steamers so special?


+ Handmade in Australia

+ Natural

+ Vegan

+ Cruelty Free

+ Palm Oil Free

+ Zero Plastic

+ Biodegradable Shrink Wrap

+ No Nasties (no SLS, SLES, Parabens, or Petrochemicals)

+ No Artificial Preservatives or Fragrances


How do they work?


Place your carefully selected shower steamer on the floor of your shower in a small dish where hot shower water will lightly spray and activate it to release the beautiful essential oils into the air. During your shower you may need to reposition your shower steamer for best results.



Shower Steamer

GST Included
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