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We exercise 

Differently. Consciously.

We believe in holistic health and well-being, where the pursuit of wellbeing transcends traditional fitness norms. At the Conscious Health Clinic we offer physical health services which are balanced and sustainable, promoting a strong and healthy relationship with one's mind and body. In a fitness landscape often dominated by unattainable and unhealthy standards, Conscious Health Clinic stands out as a safe space of inclusivity and empathy. As a clinic we recognise the intricate connection between physical and mental health and we hold the view that exercise is a vehicle for empowerment, self-love, strength and restoration. 

 We offer Exercise Physiology and Trauma Informed Yoga services in a super supportive, non judgemental, 1:1 in clinic environment. No #fitspo, no mirrors, no loud music, no fasting, no judgement, no impossible body standards.  

Meet Gab

Gab is a Psychologist and yoga teacher, who curiously explores how trauma informed yoga can support optimal mental health. Gab integrates evidenced based practices in Psychology with Yoga for a holistic health approach

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What is Trauma Informed Yoga?

Trauma informed yoga is a way of teaching yoga that considers the impact of trauma on people. It focuses on creating a safe and supportive environment by prioritising safety, giving choices, empowering individuals, being aware of potential triggers, and incorporating mindfulness. This approach aims to help individuals heal and feel in control of their bodies and experiences during yoga practice.

Key principles of trauma-informed yoga:








Understanding the Effects of Trauma

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